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We lived in Roanoke, Virginia and found Kevin online two years ago.

Kevin kept in touch with us until we were ready to move , was very generous with his time, even when he knew we were not ready to make the move. A great realtor and a very friendly and decent human being who inspires trust.

Philip & Suzanne Gallagher

Another agent referred the office and the receptionist assigned us to Kevin.

He truly embodied everything a realtor should be. He went above and beyond to help us. We cannot praise him enough in helping us relocate to Virginia and finding our perfect home.

Kathy & Joe Hewins

Kevin was awesome!

Got everything done he told me he would do. Took care of all my worries throughout the process. So happy I had him to support me!

Kelsey Swann

Kevin was professional, very helpful and knowledgeable, and we were delighted to use him as our realtor again.

He did a great job. If we sold this house and looked to buy another, we would absolutely call him! I highly recommend him to others!

Paula & Matt Corsaro

Kevin Brandau was extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond to correspondences, professional, just a good experience!

All was excellent.

Greg Escobar

Kevin Brandau is a great, stand up, honest guy that I’m so glad to have met.

Rodney Barnwell

Kevin is a seasoned agent, a noble gentleman and a good friend.

He stays positive, cool and calm.

Ngoe Anh Le

Kevin helped us buy a house, [we] knew he would do well selling it too.

Kevin was always outstanding, [we] don't know how he could do any better. [He was] a great [real estate agent] who really cares that clients get a home that is right for them.

Paul & Kay Eaton

Kevin is very easy to work with and helpful with anything that might come up and willing to adjust his schedule for anything unexpected that might concern you.

He is a true gem to have as a realtor.

Betty Bigger

Kevin Brandau made a great first impression, friendly, low stress.

He is a great guy and a pleasure to work with.

Tracy Lahocki

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